Our landscape services

We provide a range of gardening services to suit your needs including maintenance, planting, construction, and design.


Frequently our clients require a maintenance service. Often this is a 'Spring clean' restoring a garden after a period of neglect. This can be very useful for those who have busy lives and cannot find the time (or energy!) to keep the grass, weeds, hedges and trees under control.

Patios, terraces and pergolas
Maybe you fancy a new patio to enjoy an evening drink or perhaps you want breakfast on the terrace? Big or small, we can discuss materials, shapes style, and the 'look' you wish to achieve. Maybe the sun is too hot in the summer, perhaps a leafy pergola would be the answer? We can build you one and plant climbers that will flourish in your particular soil and position.

A new garden feature?
You have just returned from holiday and now you want your own exotic garden! We are confident that through the careful combination of hard (paths and walls) and soft (planting) features, we can make you something equally charming and inspirational. 

Or, perhaps your lifelong dream has been for a pond - the sudden 'splosh 'of a rising fish on a warm, summer's evening or the melodic sound of a waterfall. You want a bog garden, a fountain, or an artificial stream. We have years of experience of selecting the right lining materials and suitable pumps; sourcing water plants; and combating potential problems of  the water table or geology.

Our experience
Because we have years of experience within the team, we are certain we can assist you with your requests, whatever the scale, and we are always happy to help with your design ideas. If it is something more complex, which requires detailed plans, then we can recommend our friendly professional garden designer.


Meanwhile, let your creative mind run free!


Our strengths